MMTools | Align tool

Chose axes and select the vertex you want to align. then press [ALIGN+].
The tool will align all the points from first to last points in selected axes.
Works with Editable Polys and Edit Poly modifier.


[ X ] [ Y ] [ Z ]: Axis constraints. Can chose what axes can move the points.

Align tool can align vertex, Splines Points and Objects.


[] Select Edges loop as group. : Do a edge loop to each selected edge and apply align.--->

[---|--] Percentage align : Define the strength. 100% full strength we get a straight line.

[ ALIGN+ ] : Align selected points.
Right mouse button (+ sign) align selected objects.

[MMB]: Middle mouse button. Active automation using MMB. When active the align action will be performed with MMB. Don't need to move mouse to toolbox window.

[ Spacing ] : It makes a distribution of points with equal spacing.--->

[Smooth Pts] : Smooth points. Align 3 points each time for the entire selection.



[]: Flat value. Set Z value for flat points.

[First point] / [Last point] : Chose which point is the reference for the value of Z.

[ FLAT+ ] : Flat selected points.
Right mouse button (+ sign): Flat all points of selected object.