MMTools | Path Objects

This tool can place objects along a path line.

[Pick line +]: Pick the path line. RMB pick the selected line.
[S]: Select Line
[] Add Clone: When pick the line add a copy.

[upd]: Update objects position.

[Add sel]: Add selected objects to list.
[Del]: Remove selected from list.
[Del all]: Remove all objects from list.

[Show Distance/Gap]: Show absolute distances or relative distances between objects (gap).


Line Len: Show line length.
[] Use Spline points: When checked use line points to place objects.

Point:[ ] - Spline Point ID (When Use Spline points).
Position %: [ ]
- Position in percent of line.
Distance:[ ] - Absolute distance position.
X Offset:[ ] - Offset of X axis.
Z Offset:[ ] - Offset of Z axis.
Z Rot: [ ] - Z axis Rotation in degrees.

[] Align Normal to line: Alignobject Z axis to normal of line. Like follow line.

[Copy offset]: Copy offset( and Rotation) parameters.
[Paste offset]: Paste offset( and Rotation) parameters.
[Sel & Zoom]: Select object and do a zoom extend select.
[get out]: Do a copy of object and place in [0,0,0] with default transformations.


Clone path objects

Clone selected object along the line using Spacing distance.

[Fill line]: Calculate number of copies to fill all line.
Copies: [ ] - Number of copies.
Spacing:[ ] - Spacing between in meters.
Points spacing: [ ] - When object is place in line points the distance is in points.

[] Add clones to list: When checked add clones to current list.

[Copy|Instance|Reference]: Select clone mode.
[Clone Selected]: Clone selected object along the line.

[Delete last]: Delete last generated clones.
[Sel All]: Select all generated clones.



MMB: Middle Mouse Button.
RMB: Right Mouse Button.