MMTools | Node tools

Node tools offers functions related to to all selected objects. Works with Editable Polys and Edit Poly modifier.
+ Plus sign means you can use Righ Mouse Botton for other function. (+RMB )

[ Attach+]: Attach all selected objects. You can use huge selections that does not affect the speed.
+RMB: Using Righ Mouse Botton do Attach and weld vertex.


[ Detach ]: Detach a editable poly elements to separate objects.

[ Reset Xform ]: Reset XForm (short of transform ) removes all Rotation and Scale values from selected objects and align object pivot points and bounding boxes with the World coordinate system. Also collapse the stack.


[ Reset Matrix ]: Reset transform Matrix to unity. Reset all Rotation and Scale to default values from selected objects.


[ Weld+ ]: Weld all vertex from selected objects. Use 0.01m as weld Threshold distance.
+RMB: Using Righ Mouse Botton weld selected vertex by distance. This is a alternative function don't use standard 3dsMAX weld.

[ FixDeadVerts ]: Remove all dead verts from all selected objects.
Only works with Editable Poly.

[ Collapse Stk]: Collapse stack from selected objects.

Smooth faces

[] AutoSmooth: Redefine smooth groups by angle.
[] Detach 2Elem: Detach smooth groups to Editable Poly Elements.
[Do it] : Perform action to selected objects.

MMB: Middle Mouse Button.
RMB: Right Mouse Button.