MMTools | Random Tool

Random tool

Can do random move, rotate and scale.

[Create profile]: Create a profile with current values.
Profile: Selecte random profile
[S] Save current values to selected profile.

[MOVE | ROTATE | SCALE ]: Chose transformation type.

() Points () Objects: Apply to points or objects (nodes)

[] Use edges: When in points use selected edges to move points.

Transformation axis: Select the axis that will be affected.

[] Uniform values: Apply values to all axis. Used when scale objects for a uniform scale.

Radius: Max value of range random. The random value will be between zero and Radius.
[ Both| - | + ] Chose type of range random. Both= -Radius to Radius; Minus= -Radius to Zero; Plus= Zero to Radius.

Random Selection: Get objects by random (Objcets step). Zero = all objects;

[RANDOM]: Apply current transform type to selected objects (or points). Every time you press the button you get diferent random effect.

[DO ALL]: Apply all transform types to selected objects.

Undo State this is the internal undo tool.
[Save+]: Save tranformation state and current object or points selection.
[Revert]: Cancel the random transformations and revert to initial state.
[Clear]: (IMPORTANT) Clear saved object selection.


Random Selection

Get random selection from current selection.

Rnd object step: Select the max value of range random values. Low values gets more objects.
[]Change wire color: Change the wireframe color of final selection.

[RANDOM]: Apply random selection.
[Repeat]: Repeat a new random but with last selection of objects.


Random objects order

[] Do clones: Create copys when move objects.
[Random order]: Swap objects position from current selection.






Random UVW Xform

Create a UVW Xform modifier with random values to selected objects.


Random Material ID

Create material modifer with random ID to selected objects.

IDs: 1 to 6 Define start ID (1) and end ID (6)
[] Collapse modifier: Collapse stack after add Material modifier.

[Random Material] Apply random ID

MMB: Middle Mouse Button.
RMB: Right Mouse Button.