MMTools | Move to POINTS

Move selected points (Spline, Editable Poly and Edit Poly modifier ) to Source Points list.

+ Plus sign means you can use Righ Mouse Botton for other function. (+RMB )





Source verts

[ Add source points ]: Add points selection from the selected objects (Geometry and Shapes).

[Clean]: Clean list.


Axes [X] [Y] [Z] : Axes constraint.
[] Use Axes for distance: Uses Axes constraint do calculante points distances.

Selection as group

This option takes all selected points (or edges) as one point. The tool chose one point from group as the reference point to move all points to spline.

[] Sel as group: Active group funtion.

[ ALL | Bottom | Upper ]: Choose the vertical reference point.

[All]: Takes all points.
[Bottom]: Takes the lowest points
[Upper]: Takes the highest points.

[ Near | Far ]: Choose the Horizontal reference point.
[ Near ]: Take the nearest points.
[ Far ]:Choose distant point.

[] Do loop for each edge. Takes each edge from selection and apply a loop edge to get points as a group.


[] Take each edge. Takes each edge from selection as a single selection.


[MOVE+]: Move selection to source points.
+RMB: Righ Mouse Botton do Move Objects function.

[MMB]: Active Middle Mouse Button shotcut for MOVE.


Move Objects

When press [MOVE+] moves to nearest point.

[] Move objects clones: Do a copy of select objects when moves objects. Can use Selection as group option.

[] Copy objects to points: Copy Selected object (or first selected) to each source point. The copy are instances.