MMTools | Lines from Objects

This tool can create spLines from objects array. With lines the tool can generate a surface. All array objects need to have same number of vertices (clones).

First we need pick one object can be first one of array.
Then need to define the Cpoints (Connect points) that will generate the lines (LineID) from vertex of object.

[Pick object]: Pick the object to define Points.

[Load prof]: Pick the dummy object to load profile.
[Save prof]: Create a profile in a dummy object with all Points defenitions.


Connect Points

Here can see the list of Connect points (Cpoint): A Cpoint have LineID (the number of SpLine generated) and the vertexID from object.

Cpoint: Connect Point
LineID: Number of Line generated
Vertex: Vertex number from object

[+]: Pick object to collect one selected point.
[Pv]: Add Pivot point.
[-]: Remove Cpoint (List line)

Selected CPoint

Cpoint: Connect Point selected.
LineID: Spline number ID.
Vert: Vertex number

Offset vector
[X] [Y] [Z]
: Offset vector to apply to vert.
[]Show Points helpers: Show visual crosses in each connect Point.
[Update pts from Helpers]: Update connect Points from visual helpers. (Only work in editable Poly)

Create shapes/surface

[] Closed shape: Do close lines
[] Add Surface: Add Surface modifier and cross lines.
[] Sort by suffix: Sort selected objects by numeric name suffix.

[CREATE]: Create Lines.
[Hide]: Remove crooslines.

[MMB]: Active Middle Mouse Button shortcut for move points.
+ (Plus) sign means you can use Righ Mouse Botton (RMB ) for other function.