MMTools | Move to SURFACE

Move selected points (Spline, Editable Poly and Edit Poly modifier ) to Source surfaces list.

+ Plus sign means you can use Righ Mouse Botton for other function. (+RMB )





Source Surfaces

[ Add surface object ]: Add selected objects as surfaces.
[Clean]: Clean list.

Z offset : Do a vertical offset after move to surface.
[Points | Objects | FFD ]: Chose move mode. (Points, Objects, FFD modifier)

Points options

[] Use All points: Move all points from selected objects.

[] Points as group: This option takes all selected points as one point. The tool chose one point from group as the reference point to move all points to surface.

[] Do loop for each edge: Takes each edge from selection and apply a loop edge to get points as a group.

Objects options

[] Align Z to surface Normal: Align object to slope of surface.
[] Align Z to Up: Align object to sky.
[] Move pivot to bottom: Set object pivot on bottom before move.

[] Move Border Points: Move border points (glue) to surface after move object.

FFD options

[] Move Top Control points: Move FFD top control points.
[] Add FFD: Add a FFD modifier is not exist in selected objects.

[MOVE+]: Move selected points (Spline, Editable Poly and Edit Poly modifier ) to source surfaces list.
+ Right Mouse Button Moves Objects.

[MMB]: Active Middle Mouse Button shortcut for move points.