SplineTrackMaker: [Xobjs]

Here can create Xobjects for rFactor.


List box: Select the existing plane of Xobjects from scene ( Xfinish, Xsector1, Xsector2, Xpitin,Xpitout).
Line Len: Show total length of track.
Position %: Set position of plane in percentage.
Length m: Set position of plane in units (meters).
Width: Set width of plane.
Height: Set height of plane.
[ Select & Show ]: Select current Xobject and do Zoom in viewport.

[] Use Selected Track: Checked use track object as source line to add Xobjects.
[ pick Spline ]: Pick a line to add Xobjects.
[ Create Track Xobjects ]: Create Xfinish, Xsector1, Xsector2.
[ Create Pit Xobjects ]: Create Xpitin,Xpitout.