The SplineTrackMaker allows you to create tracks in 3ds max using Splines Shapes.

Splines shapes in 3ds max are vector lines that use mathematical calculations to generate the curves and lines. In this way we can modeling more organic less rigid than the meshes.

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Introduction and concepts

Trackmaker uses Splines Shapes for generate the final geometry.

Reference Spline

To create a track needs a line as a center of track. This line is the reference for the center of the track and will be called "Reference Spline". There are some functions to manipulate points of the line in Splines tools.
The line can be closed or open lines. For example to make the access of pitbox need a open line.


Track is several Splines forming the track. There are three important lines Center, Left and Right lines can't never be deleted.

The track splines points are smooth but in some situations can convert it to Bezier.

Cross lines is the union between the center, left and right lines.
The cross lines can be removed and inserted automatically (reCreate Button in Edit track). eg if you want to adjust the left or right lines with the background image is better to remove cross lines.
Cross lines are the way how to select sections of track. For example to apply cambers.