SplineTrackMaker: [ Reference Spline] | Elevation Profile


Reference Spline

[Pick reference spline]: Pick a spline to use as a reference spline for track.

[Select edit]: Select reference spline, disable stack and enter in line mode. Press Right mouse button to enabled stack.

[PTtools]: Open Point Tools window.

[S] (save): Save the current reference spline to track. Each track has its reference spline saved in the object properties

Elevation profile

[Open]: Open elevation profile window.

[Up. from Spl] (Update from Spline):

Press to pick a external spline to update the elevation. This function take the elevation (Z axis) from external spline and update the closest point of Reference spline. The external spline can be any size and position.


[Update Ref. Spline]: Update Reference Spline from center of track. If exist selected points only update selected points.


Update current track from reference spline. This function will generate all tack or only selected cross lines.