SplineTrackMaker: [Terrain]

Add edges to track

Sides: Select the sides of track.
Edge Width: Select width of edge.
[] Follow Track: If checked the edge follow track (some slope).
[ Add edges ] : Add terrain edges to track. If exist some cross lines selected only add edges to selection.

Source (The source of terrain panels)

[] From Track Object :Use track object (TRACK, ROAD EDGE or TERRAIN PANEL) as source.
[] From Selected knots: Use selected lines points as source.
[] [ pick Spline ] : Use picked line as source.
[ Creates Spline from Source ] : Creates a line from selected source.

Terrain Panel Settings

Nº of Panels: Set the number of terrain panels to create.
Select Panel: Select terrain panel to set properties.
Panel Properties:

Dist.m : Width distance in meters.
Rot. º: Rotation in degreess. Positive degree terrain panel go Up.
Redu. %: Point reduction in percent. 100% is no point reduction.

[] Distance by spline: Use external line to get distance.
[] Elevation by spline: Use external line to get elevation.
[ pick spline ]: Pick external line to get Distance or Elevation.
The points of line will be the points of mesh so don't use curves and set interpolation to zero.

[] Fix Overlapping: Fix overlap lines when do a Ouline.
Panel Side: Select the side of track. When select track objects the side is automatic.
[CREATE TERRAIN PANELS]: Create terrain panels.


[ Collapse Attach&Weld ]: Collapse stack, attach and weld selected terrain panels.

[ Set Corner ]: Set corner point for terrain and set Object properties. Right mouse set side to Right. Add terrain stack if the object don't have it.

Terrain panels can be manipulated to split or adjust but to allow more panels need to set the Detach Point.

In the example the point 5 is the detach point and first point must be the opposite corner.

The object user properties should be:

          STARTSEG = 5
          ROADSIDE = RIGHT        

[ Cut Panel ]: Slice terrain panel from selected points.

[ Sel Points ]: Select the points from terrain panel.

[ Sel Segments ]: Select the line segments from terrain panel.
[ Sp Borders ]: Create border lines from selected panels.
[ Cls ObjProps ]: Clean object user properties.