SplineTrackMaker: [Edit] | Cambers

[ Pick track ]: Pick a track for edit

[D]: Delete track


Length: (length of track in km)
Cross line: (cross line selected)
[] Only Cross lines: When Detect Selection is enabled only select cross lines of track.

[] Show direction: Show a arrow for track direction.

[ EDIT ]: Press to select track and enter in SPline edit mode (All modifiers in stack will turn off).
Press Right mouse button to turn on modifiers and exit Spline edit mode.

[ Auto Detect ]: Auto Detect selection. Turn on to get widths and cambers from cross lines. Turn off if don't need to make more selections.

Update Track

[ Cross lines ]: Update Cross lines. The lines will move to edge lines points.

[ Edge lines ]: Update track lines. Edge lines will move to cross lines

[ Center ]: Update center line from edges.

[ reCreate ]: Recreate cross lines. The cross lines will be deleted and creted in the right order.
If press with Right mouse button only delete cross lines.

Cross Lines

[ Show ]: Show cross lines (Recreate lines ).

[ Hide ]: Hide cross lines (remove lines ).

[ Center ]: Update center line from edges.

[ Flatten ]: Flat crosslines (cambers to zero). If not exist selected crosslines apply to all track.

[ Distribution ]: Makes a distribution of selected cross lines. The lines will be moved in equal space.

[ Align to tang ]: Align selected crosslines for Perpendicular tangent to the center.

[ Curve ]: Convert line to curve.

[ Insert ]: Insert cross lines between selected cross lines.

[ Delete ]: Remove cross lines between selected crosslines.

Track width

[ Lerp ]: Linear interpolation of selected widths.

Width: Change width value. If selected cross lines the width will be updated in track.

If Auto Detect is enabled when selec one cross line the width value will be read from track.

[ Set ]: Set width value for selected cross line

Move to Splines

Axis: Select axis to apply changes (XYZ).

[ Pick LEFT ]: Pick the left line as a reference to change track.
[ E ]: Edit picked line.
[ Pick RIGHT ]: Pick the right line as a reference to change track.
[ Update L R]: Move left and right of track to picked line.
[ Upd Center ]: Move center line to Reference line (center).

If want to move only one side pick only the desire side.
If the picked lines are far you get worse accuracy.

Tip: Can use this function to get cambers from a external Spline. Select only Z axis.


{+} To move cross lines or points from track enabled soft selection to move all track.