SplineTrackMaker: [UV mapping]

BitMap Image

W: Width in pixels.
H: Height in pixels.

BitMap division

Nº Text in W: Nº of texture in Bitmap Width.
Nº Text in H: Nº of texture in Bitmap Height.
Use Text:
Use texture number.

The image have 4 textures in Height. Top texture is 1 and last 4.

Obj Width: Width if object. In the example the Width of object will be the Height of image.

Pixel p/Meter: Number of pixels per meter ratio. Don't need to input will created automatically by with and image dimensions.

Rotation: Rotation of texture in degrees.

Map channel: Number of map channel to apply. Is better stay in 1 then change later in MAX.

Spline mapping

[] Use Track Object: Use a TRACK OBJECT ( TRACK, EDGE or TERRAIN) to get the spline for mapping.
[ Create Line ]: Create a line from selected track object.
[] Delete tmp line: Delete temporary line after mapping.
[] [ Pick Spline ]: Pick a line for Mapping.

[ CREATE MAPPING ]: Create the UVmapping stack for selected object/line.

[Fix quad V coords]: If want to fix the V coordinates to top and botton of texture select the ring edges in Editable poly and press this button.