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MMTools pack updated

STM 1.2q MMT 2.1e ImportGEO 2.0a


rfCAMEdit script for 3ds MAX

The rfCAMEdit script is camera creator and editor script for 3ds MAX. 13/08/2014 Open Beta version 0.9 This is a beta version is only for testing purpose. Don’t use in final projects The script is only available for register users … Continue reading

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SplineTrackMaker 1.2j and MMtools 2.0a

New version of tools pack. News in SplineTrackMaker: + Bugs fixed + Improved  decals tool MMtools 2.0a + Align:   fixed bugs;  Can align  objects + Random Tool : New UI and better code. + Path Objects:  Can position objects … Continue reading


SplineTrackMaker 1.2d

SplineTrackMaker 1.2d –> Download Page + Road paint lines decals Changed PointTools to MMtool Box + Array Tool + Boolean Tool + Move Pivot Video guides…ide/videos.php

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BTB XPack import for 3ds MAX

This script can import Objects from BTB Xpack files. To run script just  go to menu MAXscript–> run  and selectd the script. To import objects  need to extract the Xpack file (zip file) .             … Continue reading


3DS MAX Modifiers tool

The Modifiers tool is a Macro script to copy/delete  and replace  modifiers from max stack. How to install: 1- Drag and drop  the file  in max window or run the script. 2- Go to Menu ‘Customize‘->‘Customize User Interface‘ Select Group=’Main … Continue reading

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3ds MAX script “PointsTools”

First i want to thanks for the original script  from Alex Sawczuk. The script move selected vertices to a source vertices list. First select vertices to add to list as a source vertices. Can use various objects. Select the vertices … Continue reading

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Gmaterialtool 1.8

Glue and decals  are moved to PointTools Can glue  selected objects to a source surface. When  V (vertices) option is  checked all vertices  from each object will  glue  to surface. Is  useful for road decals.   Gmaterial Tool page

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Import CSV and import Geo (kml, GPX) to 3ds MAX

Importing data to 3ds max is fundamental to try to reproduce the real world in3d environment. I made two scripts spline CSV IO (Import/Export) and Import Geo. Install: Copy files to <MAXdir>/scripts/startup Use: go to “utilities” tab (hammer) –> MAXscripts->Utilities … Continue reading

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MaxScript “Random Vertice Painter” for 3ds MAX

This script can paint the “Vertex Colors” randomly. Version 1.1 Install: This is a Macro script just drag and drop in viewport and go to “customize user interface” and look in “Category:MMtools” Description and method of use: “Selected Colors” It … Continue reading

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