The SplineTrackMaker allows you to create tracks in 3ds MAX using Splines Shapes.
Splines shapes in 3ds max are vector lines that use mathematical calculations to generate the curves and lines. In this way we can modeling more organic and less rigid than the meshes.


The script importGEO can import geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude) on the World Geodetic System of 1984 (WGS84) datum.
The coordinates are in decimal format (40.446195, -79.948862, 100.4)  Altitude is in meters.
File type KML, CSV and GPX.


The MMtools is a set of tools for generic use in 3ds MAX.

List of tools: Align, Node tools, Move2SPLINE, Move2POINTS, Move2SURFACE, RANDOM, PATH tool, UVW from mesh, Create Lines f/Objects, BOOLEAN, PIVOT and ClibBoard Points.

Download and install

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