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3ds MAX – how create road edges transitions.

Is not a good idea put grass/ground and asphalt on same texture. So we create a jagged edge for road and the Alpha channel with a hard edge in grass side and smooth blend in road side. Photoshop work: 3ds … Continue reading

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license for all my virtual Circuits

license for all my virtual Circuits ========================== All files included in this package are copyrighted by Mario JoAo Sa Morais ( Copyright (C) 2015 Mario JoAo Sa Morais ( All rights reserved. Any questions about the items below must be … Continue reading


rfCAMEdit script for 3ds MAX

The rfCAMEdit script is camera creator and editor script for 3ds MAX. 13/08/2014 Open Beta version 0.9 This is a beta version is only for testing purpose. Don’t use in final projects The script is only available for register users … Continue reading

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ImportGEO 1.8i

New version of ImportGEO 1.8i +Bugs fixed +Center Offet Can set a center offset  moving a imported  object( kml or  image). First select the object  press “Read old Pos”  move the object  to  the  desire location and press  “Set offset”.  … Continue reading


SplineTrackMaker 1.2d

SplineTrackMaker 1.2d –> Download Page + Road paint lines decals Changed PointTools to MMtool Box + Array Tool + Boolean Tool + Move Pivot Video guides…ide/videos.php

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3DS MAX Modifiers tool

The Modifiers tool is a Macro script to copy/delete  and replace  modifiers from max stack. How to install: 1- Drag and drop  the file  in max window or run the script. 2- Go to Menu ‘Customize‘->‘Customize User Interface‘ Select Group=’Main … Continue reading

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Create UVW Spline mapping with SplinetrackMaker

SplineTrackmaker page

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SplineTrackMaker – Create Cambers from external lines.

How to create cambers from lines

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SplineTrackMaker page

New version of SplineTrackmaker 1.0a  and support page.    


PointClouds tools for 3ds MAX

I’m developing a set tools to use point clouds in 3ds max. Currently I am using some functions in C # to speed up the operations.