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3ds MAX – how create road edges transitions.

Is not a good idea put grass/ground and asphalt on same texture. So we create a jagged edge for road and the Alpha channel with a hard edge in grass side and smooth blend in road side. Photoshop work: 3ds … Continue reading

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MMtools pack update

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Scripts pack update

SplineTrackMaker 1.3h MMtools 2.3r importGEO 2.0e Donwload and info

WIP Projects

Mountain Forest for rFactor2 v0.92

23/04/2016 Changelog: New gmt export  in Rf2 build 1080 AIW fix 25/09/2015 v0.9 -> Changelog: – New textures – BB trees – More resolution in road mesh DOWNLOAD  v 0.92

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SPlineTrack Maker – Create track from outlines


Braselton (Road Atlanta) WIP – Reality check –

Some screenshots from Braselton (Road Atlanta) in rFacto2.

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Braselton (Road Atlanta) track

Start  building  this track

WIP Projects

Script pack MMTools update

+ SplineTrackmaker 1.3b + MMtools (point tools) 2.2o + ImportGEO 2.0d Download  in New file added  and install fixed.  


ImportGeo script new version 2.0d

+Update kml import.  More  compatibility  support and  can  import  multi lines. Download ImportGEO 2.0d This script require  a register file to work.  More info…here


Circuito de Vila Real 2015