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3ds MAX script “PointsTools”

First i want to thanks for the original script  from Alex Sawczuk. The script move selected vertices to a source vertices list. First select vertices to add to list as a source vertices. Can use various objects. Select the vertices … Continue reading

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Gmaterialtool 1.8

Glue and decals  are moved to PointTools Can glue  selected objects to a source surface. When  V (vertices) option is  checked all vertices  from each object will  glue  to surface. Is  useful for road decals.   Gmaterial Tool page

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Import GMT2 v2 for 3ds MAX

This script import 3d objects in GMT2 format (rFactor 1 ) to 3ds max. + Can import to rf1 and rf2 plugins + Shaders conversion (rf1 to rf2 shaders) + Set Source Blend and Dest Blend. + No need rf1 … Continue reading

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Trakmaker PRO 0.85 for max

New version of Trakmaker PRO 0.85 for max Fixed  “crosslines space Distribution” function. Cambers now  align to perpendicualr of curve tangent. Can import full  AIW (pitlane and corridors) Can create track form AIW. Download Here


spline Trackmaker pro for 3ds max

  Get Last version and instructions  here   Track Maker pro 0.85c + Fix Cambers in close splines + Fix bugs + Add  Smooth Bezier  knots  function. + Remove  spline Align  tool. Hybrid Align points now  is in PointsTools script. … Continue reading

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Import CSV and import Geo (kml, GPX) to 3ds MAX

Importing data to 3ds max is fundamental to try to reproduce the real world in3d environment. I made two scripts spline CSV IO (Import/Export) and Import Geo. Install: Copy files to <MAXdir>/scripts/startup Use: go to “utilities” tab (hammer) –> MAXscripts->Utilities … Continue reading

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MaxScript “Random Vertice Painter” for 3ds MAX

This script can paint the “Vertex Colors” randomly. Version 1.1 Install: This is a Macro script just drag and drop in viewport and go to “customize user interface” and look in “Category:MMtools” Description and method of use: “Selected Colors” It … Continue reading

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testing my points cloud import script to 3ds max

Testing  points cloud import script to 3ds max.    


LIDAR data

I found  a Free LIDAR data for the circuit of Laguna Seca in I use the free sofwaree  SAGA GIS to open LIDAR file (las). Some software don’t read  the coordinate system from las file, like SAGA. But when … Continue reading


Light tests in rfactor2

My last test  in rfactor2. I  use my script to correct  the smooth groups  and change  same specular and normal maps.  

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