GmotorDX script for 3ds max

I made some shaders with ShaderFX. I tried to reproduce the same shaders of rFactor2. I’ve done the most basic (Specular map T1 mul t2 add t3, Bump).
Picture is an attempt by the new Shader “blended grass infield.” I think it’s like, now supports the Alpha vertex. Lack the alpha mask. But can paint and view the blend effect!!

The DXmaterial are great to see the desired effect in MAX. But there is one drawback of having to manually select the textures and mapChannel.

How to install:
Copy GmotorDX folder to “3ds Max 2010\Scripts\Startup”

How to run:
Go “Utilities”, MAXScript button, in combobox Select “Gmotor DX” then press Big button “gMotor DX”

How to use:
Select your editable poly object. the materials must be gmotor materials not standard.
Press “Enable” and the script will read the gMotor Material and will be exchanged for an equivalent material directX.

currently only supports the following shaders:
BlendedGRass (suport vertex Alpha!)
Bump Map Specular T1
Specular Map T1 mul T2 add T3
T1 mul T2 add T3

The button “Update DX mat”, not work yet

The script is alpha, not use in serious projects.

beta 0.2
Gmotor DX beta 02

3D, 3dsmax

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