Braselton (Road Atlanta) track

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WIP Projects

Script pack MMTools update

+ SplineTrackmaker 1.3b
+ MMtools (point tools) 2.2o
+ ImportGEO 2.0d

Download  in

New file added  and install fixed.



ImportGeo script new version 2.0d

+Update kml import.  More  compatibility  support and  can  import  multi lines.

Download ImportGEO 2.0d

This script require  a register file to work.  More info…here


Circuito de Vila Real 2015


license for all my virtual Circuits

license for all my virtual Circuits
All files included in this package are copyrighted by Mario JoAo Sa Morais (

Copyright (C) 2015 Mario JoAo Sa Morais ( All rights reserved.

Any questions about the items below must be send privately (in a polite way) to

1. Conversion, modification or re-use of any part from the track is not allowed.
2. The track may not be profited commercially by a third party unless permission is granted by the author.


Licença e uso para todos os meus circuitos virtuais.
Todos os arquivos incluídos neste pacote estão protegidas por copyright (Mario João Sá Morais).

Copyright (C) 2015 Mario JoAo Sa Morais ( Todos os direitos reservados.
Qualquer dúvida sobre o asssunto deve ser enviado para

1. Conversão, modificação ou re-uso de qualquer parte do circuito não é permitido.
2. O circuito não pode ser usado comercialmente por um terceiro, a menos que a permissão é concedida pelo autor.


New version of MMtools pack

+ SplineTrackmaker 1.2x
+ MMtools (point tools) 2.2d
+ ImportGEO 2.0c

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WIP Projects

Maxscript code Snippets

Put material to scene:
for myobj in selection do myobj.material = copy myobj.material

Center pivot for selected objects:
for myobj in selection do centerpivot myobj



MMTools pack updated

STM 1.2q
MMT 2.1e
ImportGEO 2.0a


rfCAMEdit script for 3ds MAX

The rfCAMEdit script is camera creator and editor script for 3ds MAX.

Open Beta version 0.9
This is a beta version is only for testing purpose. Don’t use in final projects

The script is only available for register users of MMtool pack (Trackmaker).

Copy RfCAMEdit.mcr and RfCAMEdit.mse to <3ds Max folder>\Scripts\Trackmaker
Run once to install macro script and create the button or menu.

rfCAMEDIT_V 0.9c

3dsmax, MaxScript

SplineTrackMaker 1.2p and MMtools 2.1 PACK updated

SplineTrackMaker 1.2p and MMtools 2.1 PACK

Now can save window position and rollouts state (opne/close)

[Points Tools]
Points Align: bugs fixed when select two splines points.
Flat: fixed when select two spline points
[UVW from surface]: Improved speed and fix some problems. Fixed [cut from eged] to add Slice modifer to object from selected edge from surface.
[Boolean tool]: Fix bugs

[Terrain]: Auto detect bad lines when apply the TurtoPoly modifier.
[ Spline UV mapping]: Change UI.
[Line decals]: Fixed bugs

Know Bugs: Some times Follow track don’t work. Will fix in next version.

WIP Projects