Trackmaker: Edit | [Cambers]


[ Degrees | Percent ]: Select cambers units. Degrees or Percent (100% = 45º).

[] Helpers: Checked will draw colored points to help visualize the cambers. Uncheck to all points from selected track. Yellow = start/end. Orange = Selected cross lines.

L, R : Left and Right cambers in degrees or percent. Change it to apply a new camber to the selected cross lines.
(Auto detect must be turn on to cambers work properly.)

When Auto detect is enabled select one cross line to get the Left and Right camber from line.

[] Link cambers: When checked both cambers (left and right) will change connected.

[ Lerp ]: Linear Interpolation for selected cambers.

[LEFT] [CENTER] [RIGHT] : Select center of rotation. When change it is good to update the Reference spline from track in "reference Spline panel".

Camber Start/End

[ ] Use: Checked will create the start/end interpolation cambers.

Nº Cross lines: Number of cross lines that will be used for start/end interpolation cambers.

[ Center ]: Upate center line from edges.

Both : Create Start and End cambers
Start : Create Start cambers only.
End : Create End cambers only.


When cambers have different angles can change the cross lines Points to Smooth and segments to Curve to prevent the center has an edge.