Stich Polys

The script moves vertexs from one object1 to object2. If is outside of Snap Distance creates vertexs when needed (MAX cut operation).

Options and Functions.

Object 1 and Object 2

[ < Pick Object 1 > ]: Pick the object 1.
- The Objecet must be a Editabled Poly with no EditPoly modifier.
- The Object must have edges or vertexs selected.
Can select edges inside of object the script will take only border edges.

[Sel]: Select picked object and enter in edge edit mode.


Detection distance [0.5m]: Detection distance for stich.
yellow arrows show the Detection distance.

Snap Distance [0.05m] : Minimum distance to snap vertexs (Move). If is out of distance makes a edge cut.
Snap Z Distance [0.1m]: Minimum Z distance to snap vertexs (Move).

[] Add EditPoly modifier: Add a Edit Poly modifier for geometry changes. This slowdown the operarion but it is safe way to keep the original mesh.
() Obj1->Objs2: Move vertexs from Object1 to Object2.
() Obj2->Objs1: Move vertexs from Object2 to Object1.

[] PreserveUVs: Preserve UV when move vertex. Only works when Add EditPoly modifier is checked.


How to get this tool.

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