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Fast Move to Surface

This tool can move Points and objects to a surface very fast, It is ideal for massive jobs with large amounts of points or objects. Create Ground Mesh Can create ground mesh from selected objects. Selected objects will be attached … Continue reading

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MMtools pack update

Move to Spline help page.

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Scripts pack update

SplineTrackMaker 1.3h MMtools 2.3r importGEO 2.0e Donwload and info

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Mountain Forest for rFactor2 v0.92

23/04/2016 Changelog: New gmt export  in Rf2 build 1080 AIW fix 25/09/2015 v0.9 -> Changelog: – New textures – BB trees – More resolution in road mesh DOWNLOAD  v 0.92

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Braselton (Road Atlanta) WIP – Reality check –

Some screenshots from Braselton (Road Atlanta) in rFacto2.

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Braselton (Road Atlanta) track

Start  building  this track

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New version of MMtools pack

+ SplineTrackmaker 1.2x + MMtools (point tools) 2.2d + ImportGEO 2.0c Download  in

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SplineTrackMaker 1.2p and MMtools 2.1 PACK updated

SplineTrackMaker 1.2p and MMtools 2.1 PACK Now can save window position and rollouts state (opne/close) Changes.. MMtools: [Points Tools] Points Align: bugs fixed when select two splines points. Flat: fixed when select two spline points [UVW from surface]: Improved speed … Continue reading

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SplineTrackMaker 1.2n and MMtools 2.0g PACK

The SplineTrackMaker allows you to create tracks in 3ds max using Splines Shapes. Splines shapes in 3ds max are vector lines that use mathematical calculations to generate the curves and lines. In this way we can modeling more organic less … Continue reading

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Adding  3d curbs  using MMtools MMtools  will be available in next  version of SplineTrackMaker tools pack.

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