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Fast Move to Surface

This tool can move Points and objects to a surface very fast, It is ideal for massive jobs with large amounts of points or objects. Create Ground Mesh Can create ground mesh from selected objects. Selected objects will be attached … Continue reading

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MMtools The MMtools is a set of tools for generic use in 3ds MAX. List of tools: Align, Node tools, Move2SPLINE, Move2POINTS, Move2SURFACE, RANDOM, PATH tool, UVW from mesh, Create Lines f/Objects, BOOLEAN, PIVOT and ClibBoard Points. Download and install … Continue reading



The script moves vertex from one object1 to object2. If is outside of Minimum Snap Distance creates vertex when needed (MAX cut operation). Options and Functions. Object 1 and Object 2 [ < Pick Object 1 > ]: Pick the … Continue reading


Working in a new Script

  Working in a new Script Roads and kerbs ­čÖé


MMTools. Create lines from Objects array.

This tool can create spLines from objects array. With lines the tool can generate a surface. All array objects need to have same number of vertices (clones). First we need pick one object can be first one of array. Then … Continue reading

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UVW from mesh in MMTools

This tool get UV coordinates from source surfaces (mesh) and set to selected objects (destination). The tool will create a Unwrap UVW modifier with UV coordinates from source surfaces.  

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Path Objects in MMTools

This tool can place objects along a path line. [Pick line +]: Pick the path line. RMB pick the selected line. [S]: Select Line [] Add Clone: When pick the line add a copy. [upd]: Update objects position. [Add sel]: … Continue reading


More help pages for MMTools

A new┬á help page is available┬á for┬á Random tool. Go to Help page  


3ds MAX – how create road edges transitions.

Is not a good idea put grass/ground and asphalt on same texture. So we create a jagged edge for road and the Alpha channel with a hard edge in grass side and smooth blend in road side. Photoshop work: 3ds … Continue reading

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MMtools pack update

Move to Spline help page.

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