3DS MAX Modifiers tool

The Modifiers tool is a Macro script to copy/delete  and replace  modifiers from max stack.

How to install:

1- Drag and drop  the file  in max window or run the script.
2- Go to Menu ‘Customize‘->‘Customize User Interface
Select Group=’Main UI‘ and Category=’MMTools
Chose Toolbars or Menus and drag ‘Modifier tool’ to the location you desire.

How to work.


Press the button “>>> Source obj<<<” to get the select object as the source.

Select the source modifier or modifiers.
Press “Copy” to copy  source modifier(s)  to all selected objects.
Press “Delete” to delete  source modifier(s)  to all selected objects


“collapse stack“:  After operation the stack will collapse”
“Instance and Copy”:  By default a instance  are created if copy is checked a new modifier  will be created.

Find and Replace

Can  find  modifier by name  and replace for selected modifier.

Modifiers Tools 1.0b


3dsmax, MaxScript