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New Tool Sweep Tool Pro

This tool create a Sweep modifier to extrude a cross-section along a spline.

Take a look the Sweep Tool Pro page.


Move to Surface

Tool Updated ! Go to new MOVE TO SURFACE page

This tool can move Points and objects to a surface very fast, It is ideal for massive jobs with large amounts of points or objects.

Create Ground Mesh
Can create ground mesh from selected objects.
Selected objects will be attached and welded all points.
The default name for ground mesh is TEMP_GroundMesh001

[Pick Ground Mesh] Pick a mesh as the surface.
[G] Pick the default ground mesh (TEMP_GroundMesh001).
[S] Select current ground mesh object.

Ray direction
Can change the Ray direction vector. Default is world Z top to bottom.
[ ] Get from Vertex normal Create a Ray from each vertex normal.
[ X, Y , Z ] Can define the vector numerically.
[Get from selected face] Can get the vector from a face normal.

[ ] Clean Undo before operation. Clean undo memory before start task.

[ ] Move vertex up before. If vertex is attach to ground need to move up to that the interaction of the rays with the surfaces works.

Z offset Move vertices up/down after move to surface.
[ ] Move Selected vertices. Move only selected vertices from objects.
[ MOVE POINTS] Move vertices from selected objects.

Z offset Move vertices up/down after move to surface.

Move Elements.
Move objects elements (islands) as a object.
Element Pivot. Choose the position of the virtual pivot for each element.
Pivot Dist. range: Set the range to select the pivot vertices.
[ ] Only Selected. Move only the selected faces.
[ ] Grouped Threshold. Set the threshold distance between elements to group them.
[ MOVE ELEMENTS ] Move face elements from selected objects.

Move Objects.
[ ] Align to surface. Align objects to surface.




The MMtools is a set of tools for generic use in 3ds MAX.

List of tools: Align, Node tools, Move2SPLINE, Move2POINTS, Move2SURFACE, RANDOM, PATH tool, UVW from mesh, Create Lines f/Objects, BOOLEAN, PIVOT and ClibBoard Points.

Download and install

( The download  is only available after donation. )

How to install: (Don’t copy the mzp file to any folder the 3ds MAX.)

1- Open 3ds MAX ( make sure you always run 3dsMAX as administrator).
2- Go to MAXScript menu and select “Run Script” and chose “SplineTrackmaker_XXX.mzp” file.
3- Go to “customize user interface” chose menu or toolbar tab.
In Category select “MMtools” and drag “trackmaker” and “PointTools” into a menu or toolbar (Can create your custom toolbar or menu).

Import GEO are located in: “utilities” tab (hammer) –> MAXscripts->Utilities
The scripts needs a register file to work. To receive the file I ask a small donation. After you install and try to open you get a window with your MachineID send this (with spaces) to to receive instructions to activate.

FULL MMtools PACK donation option: A Paypal donation of minimum 25€ for all scripts, the pack includes:

ImportGEO, SplineTrackMaker, MMtools


FULL MMtools PACK donation option: A Paypal donation of minimum 25€ for all scripts, the pack includes:

Only MMtools option: A paypal donation of minimum 15€.

Go to help page



The script moves vertex from one object1 to object2.

If is outside of Minimum Snap Distance creates vertex when needed (MAX cut operation).

Options and Functions.

Object 1 and Object 2

[ < Pick Object 1 > ]: Pick the object 1.
– The Objecet must be a Editabled Poly with no EditPolys modifiers.
– The Object must have edge or vertex selections.

[Sel]: Select picked object

Min Snap Distance: Minimum distance to move vertex (Snap). If is out of distance makes a cut.
[] Add EditPoly modifier: Add a Edit Poly modifier for changes. This slow the operarion but it is safe way to keep the original mesh.
() Obj1->Objs2: Move vertex from Object1 to Obect2.
() Obj2->Objs1: Move vertex from Object2 to Obect1.

[] PreserveUVs: Preserve UVs when move vertex. Only works when Add EditPoly modifier.
Script Help Page

How to get this tool.

Go to Help page


Working in a new Script


Working in a new Script Roads and kerbs 🙂


MMTools. Create lines from Objects array.

This tool can create spLines from objects array. With lines the tool can generate a surface. All array objects need to have same number of vertices (clones).

First we need pick one object can be first one of array.
Then need to define the Cpoints (Connect points) that will generate the lines (LineID) from vertex of object.




Full help page

MaxScript, Tutorials

UVW from mesh in MMTools

This tool get UV coordinates from source surfaces (mesh) and set to selected objects (destination).
The tool will create a Unwrap UVW modifier with UV coordinates from source surfaces.


MaxScript, Tutorials

Path Objects in MMTools

This tool can place objects along a path line.

[Pick line +]: Pick the path line. RMB pick the selected line.
[S]: Select Line
[] Add Clone: When pick the line add a copy.

[upd]: Update objects position.

[Add sel]: Add selected objects to list.
[Del]: Remove selected from list.
[Del all]: Remove all objects from list.

[Show Distance/Gap]: Show absolute distances or relative distances between objects (gap).


Line Len: Show line length.
[] Use Spline points: When checked use line points to place objects.

Point:[ ] – Spline Point ID (When Use Spline points).
Position %: [ ]
– Position in percent of line.
Distance:[ ] – Absolute distance position.
X Offset:[ ] – Offset of X axis.
Z Offset:[ ] – Offset of Z axis.
Z Rot: [ ] – Z axis Rotation in degrees.

[] Align Normal to line: Alignobject Z axis to normal of line. Like follow line.

[Copy offset]: Copy offset( and Rotation) parameters.
[Paste offset]: Paste offset( and Rotation) parameters.
[Sel & Zoom]: Select object and do a zoom extend select.
[get out]: Do a copy of object and place in [0,0,0] with default transformations.

Clone path objects

Clone selected object along the line using Spacing distance.

[Fill line]: Calculate number of copies to fill all line.
Copies: [ ] – Number of copies.
Spacing:[ ] – Spacing between in meters.
Points spacing: [ ] – When object is place in line points the distance is in points.

[] Add clones to list: When checked add clones to current list.

[Copy|Instance|Reference]: Select clone mode.
[Clone Selected]: Clone selected object along the line.

[Delete last]: Delete last generated clones.
[Sel All]: Select all generated clones.

Help Page


More help pages for MMTools

A new  help page is available  for  Random tool.

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