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Circuito da Boavista 2011/2013 for rFactor.

This virtual motor competition uses one of the world’s most popular motor competition simulators, rFactor, recreating the Circuito da Boavista on its current 2011/2013 version. Download page

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rFactor2 race track test

Test rFactor 2 track technology. dynamic groove implementation.

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Light tests in rfactor2

My last test  in rfactor2. I  use my script to correct  the smooth groups  and change  same specular and normal maps.  

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Boavista track import from BTB to 3dsMAX

I import my track “Boavista 2011” to 3dsmax. The job was made by my script GMT2importv2 for rf2 tools. The script do: – import Geometry mesh – import Material and change to correct Shader. – import all Textures stages and … Continue reading

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Circuito da boavista HD beta for rFactor


HDR plugin Test rFactor

HDR plugin Test   drop 90 fps


Complete lap on Boavista 2011


More tests of Boavista 2011


Screens shots gallery

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Boavista 2011 Video