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BTB XPack import for 3ds MAX

This script can import Objects from BTB Xpack files. To run script just  go to menu MAXscript–> run  and selectd the script. To import objects  need to extract the Xpack file (zip file) .             … Continue reading


ESSINGTON PARK 1.04 – Conversion for rFactor 2

BUG FIXES / OPTIMIZATIONS: ————————— Total reworking of the track. New Texture Added some bump Added Track marshals New profiles HDR-AIW-CAMS Special thanks to ISR and Tosch. Download links

Download tracks, Works

3DS MAX Modifiers tool

The Modifiers tool is a Macro script to copy/delete  and replace  modifiers from max stack. How to install: 1- Drag and drop  the file  in max window or run the script. 2- Go to Menu ‘Customize‘->‘Customize User Interface‘ Select Group=’Main … Continue reading

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Create UVW Spline mapping with SplinetrackMaker

SplineTrackmaker page

3dsmax, Tutorials

SplineTrackMaker – Create Cambers from external lines.

How to create cambers from lines

3dsmax, Tutorials

SplineTrackMaker page

New version of SplineTrackmaker 1.0a  and support page.    


Spline Trackmaker pro for 3ds max- Terrain tutorial

Spline Trackmaker  pro for 3ds max-  Terrain tutorial


Spline Trackmaker pro for 3ds max new version

New Version 0.9 can add terrain  Trackmaker link

WIP Projects

PointClouds tools for 3ds MAX

I’m developing a set tools to use point clouds in 3ds max. Currently I am using some functions in C # to speed up the operations.


Circuito da Boavista 2011/2013 for rFactor.

This virtual motor competition uses one of the world’s most popular motor competition simulators, rFactor, recreating the Circuito da Boavista on its current 2011/2013 version. Download page

Download tracks, Works