Fast Move to Surface

This tool can move Points and objects to a surface very fast, It is ideal for massive jobs with large amounts of points or objects.

Create Ground Mesh
Can create ground mesh from selected objects.
Selected objects will be attached and welded all points.
The default name for ground mesh is TEMP_GroundMesh001

[Pick Ground Mesh] Pick a mesh as the surface.
[G] Pick the default ground mesh (TEMP_GroundMesh001).
[S] Select current ground mesh object.

Ray vector
Can change the Ray direction vector. Default is world Z top to bottom.
[ ] Get from Vertex normal Create a Ray from each vertex normal.
[ X, Y , Z ] Can define the vector numerically.
[Get from selected face] Can get the vector from a face normal.

[ ] Clean Undo before operation. Clean undo memory before start task.

[ ] Move vertex up before. If vertex is attach to ground need to move up to that the interaction of the rays with the surfaces works.

Move vertex
Z offset Move vertices up/down after move to surface.
[ ] Move Selected vertices. Move only selected vertices from objects.
[ MOVE VERTICES ] Move vertices from selected objects.

Z offset Move vertices up/down after move to surface.

Move Elements.
Move objects elements (islands) as a object.
Element Pivot. Choose the position of the virtual pivot for each element.
Pivot Dist. range: Set the range to select the pivot vertices.
[ ] Only Selected. Move only the selected faces.
[ ] Grouped Threshold. Set the threshold distance between elements to group them.
[ MOVE ELEMENTS ] Move face elements from selected objects.

Move Objects.
[ ] Align to surface. Align objects to surface.

To order the script a donation of 10 € is required.

After donation send an email to mmoraisdois at to ask for instructions and install files.
The scripts needs a register file to work. After you install and try to open you get a window with your MachineID send this (with spaces) to same email to activate.

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