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The MMtools is a set of tools for generic use in 3ds MAX.

List of tools: Align, Node tools, Move2SPLINE, Move2POINTS, Move2SURFACE, RANDOM, PATH tool, UVW from mesh, Create Lines f/Objects, BOOLEAN, PIVOT and ClibBoard Points.

Download and install

Download last PACK file: SplineTrackMaker 1.3m | MMtools 2.5r | ImportGEO 2.0p PACK

How to install: (Don’t copy the mzp file to any folder the 3ds MAX.)

1- Open 3ds MAX ( make sure you always run 3dsMAX as administrator).
2- Go to MAXScript menu and select “Run Script” and chose “SplineTrackmaker_XXX.mzp” file.
3- Go to “customize user interface” chose menu or toolbar tab.
In Category select “MMtools” and drag “trackmaker” and “PointTools” into a menu or toolbar (Can create your custom toolbar or menu).

Import GEO are located in: “utilities” tab (hammer) –> MAXscripts->Utilities
The scripts needs a register file to work. To receive the file I ask a small donation. After you install and try to open you get a window with your MachineID send this (with spaces) to to receive instructions to activate.

FULL MMtools PACK donation option: A paypal donation of minimum 20€ for all scritps, the pack includes:

ImportGEO, SplineTrackMaker, MMtools
+importGMT2v2: (Import old BTB projects to 3dsMAX. Convert to rfactor2 materials.)
To avoid misunderstandings the GMT importer only import GMT files from rFactor 1.

Only MMtools option: A paypal donation of minimum 10€.


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