Import GMT2 v2 for 3ds MAX

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This script import 3d objects in GMT2 format (rFactor 1 ) to 3ds max.

+ Can import to rf1 and rf2 plugins
+ Shaders conversion (rf1 to rf2 shaders)
+ Set Source Blend and Dest Blend.
+ No need rf1 shaders MAS file.
+ Add “RaceSurface_” prefix for track objects
+ Can chose material slot
+ Create Layers
+ Import BTB terrainBlend.
+ Two nice progress bars

The register file is only available for users of TrackMaker & importGEO.

Version 2.1w (only for new users)
Install:  Menu “MAXscript” –> run Script and chose “importgmt2v2_21g.mzp”

Update note: Remove the file “checkMachineID.mse” from “(MAXDIR)\script\startup” is not necessary anymore.
After install and remove the file “checkMachineID.mse” restart MAX.

Old  versions.
Bug:  remove the File  “”  after install.

rf2Shaders_list.txt  build 982
copy to “3ds Max 2010\Scripts\Startup\importGMT2v2”

3dsmax, MaxScript