MAXscript KML from GoogleEarth and SASPlanet


I create a script to import KML files from GoogleEarth paths to 3ds MAX splines

– Can chose Close Spline
– Vertex  Type and Segment type

– Now import KML from GoogleEarth and 3d route Builder
– Can chose to close spline

V1.1  Import imagens (kml)  from SASPlanet .

In SASPlanet when  save stick images can save kml  file with same name. The script try to load  imagens with same name (DDS, TGA and PNG)


Install to <MAX folder>Scripts\Startup\importKML

How to use:
Select KML in […] button
Select track zone number only
Hemisphere is North always, south no work. but i think works to south
Press [Import KML File] and KML load and center to origin.
After first import Track center appears Copy/paste the X,Y,Z and save it for others KML for same track!

Other idea is maybe I can import pictures and make a perfect mosaic!  implemented in version v1.1

good imports.

The script was renamed to ImportGEO

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